Our story

In 2010, Fenix Consulting Group was only an idea, a vision and an opportunity.


So, in 2011 we decided that we wouldn't grade people on where they’ve been but where they're going. Which is why today we grade on...


Our business is a blend of working with big, well-known companies, and cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit with a start-up feel. In order to scale, we created a culture that focuses on

Systems, Standards & Competition


“If we can teach people to think right, we don’t have to tell them to do right.”

- Sabastian Enges, CEO

This is a place for someone who wants to GROW and CHALLENGE themselves. Then return the favor to teach the next generation of business leaders.

31 Expansions
17 Cities
Coast to Coast

Our Vision:
Win as a community, give back, & continue to develop others.

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