Fenix Hosts Their 8th Annual Holiday Yacht Party

Company Holiday Event on a Yacht | Newport Beach, CA

For the last 7 years, Fenix Consulting Group has hosted their holiday event on a yacht. It’s said to be one of the Top Events of the Year. Since 2018, the event became exclusive as the management team decided to create a competition. Only the Best of the Bests will be invited. One of the main reasons they decided this was to  sustain their high performance culture.

Fenix’s entire organization competes to become one of the Top 100 sales representatives to be invited. Competitors come from all parts of the nation to celebrate in Newport Beach, CA. Competition has driven the right behavior to help increase sales for their clients. It’s definitely a win-win situation. This year, what they are most excited about is their new bracket tournament within the competition. The Top 32 (from the weeks 10/3-11/13) will compete head to head to reach the Top 10; this is where you would want to be. Some of the most amazing prizes will be handed out this year… Just wait to see what’s in store! Stay tuned…..

Check it out !