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Tap into your passion, ignite your talent, and unleash your potential. Our mission to develop tomorrow’s leaders, is powered by equipping YOU with a unique opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills, and acquire the knowledge to succeed in the real world!

John Sabastian Enges teaching business management program.
Sales and marketing company that focuses on personal and professional development
John Sabastian Enges, teaching Business Management Training Program

Secret sauce

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Our Secret Sauce

Voted Best Places to Work

Our organization has been recognized as one of the "Best Places to Work" in the Orange County Business Journal for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021! Cultivating an environment that focuses on the balance of work hard AND play hard.

Competitive & Performance Based

We love to win - and more importantly we want to win together. Our promotions and recognition are based on your demonstrated competency NOT your zeal or tenure.

Personalized Coaching

We celebrate individuality -- especially in helping you reach you potential. Sabastian and Fenix's management team will continually evaluate your development and create a personalized road map to success.

Build Your Resume & Experience

Your resume is essentially your own personal brand. The name on the back of your jersey. Where you've been, what you've accomplished. The experiences and skills acquired through Business Management Training will inevitably transform the trajectory of your professional career path.

We have passion for investing in our team, which is why we dedicate 18% of our payroll costs into personal and professional development through our management training program. 


4 areas of focus

4 Areas of Focus

Many companies focus on management as a title. We have designed our program to place the focus on management as a tool. Time management. Priority management. Financial management.

Sales is required skill set for success in ANY field. Sales teaches you to listen and effectively communicate. Not to mention, the value of performance, persistence, and self-discipline. 

Administrators are CORE to successful functioning of a business. Human resources, recruiting top talent, branding, and social media are essential to long term growth. 

Learn to lead yourself, lead others, and lead leaders. Become aware and conscious of your impact. Mentality and growth are key factors in our business. 

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I've accomplished things that I once thought where out of my reach. I've become a better friend, teacher, student, and leader. I definitely feel blessed to be a part of this awesome adventurous team.
Carmen Solomon
Market Director- Texas
Fenix Consulting Group has helped me change and develop in all aspects of my life; both personally and professionally. I am now a more centered and balanced person thanks to my experiences with this company.
Brennan Fulkerson
Market Director - Florida



Frequently Asked Questions

Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to disclose our client names. Candidates who are selected for a preliminary interview learn more about our current clients and campaign assignments.

We specialize in retail sales, face to face marketing, and new customer acquisitions for the most respected companies in the cable & satellite, retail, and telecommunications industries.

The great thing about professional sales is that it’s based on a performance structure – this allows candidates to earn more than their resume and experience qualifies them for. Compensation varies and is discussed during the screening process.

Compensation structures change as an individual advances; that may result to higher commissions.

Our Business Management Training Program is full-time; which may include nights & weekends.


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